Symposium and Summer School Berlin and Jena, September 20–24, 2015

Registration is open for both events!

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We warmly welcome you to attend the SymposiumPrenatal Stress and Brain Disorders in Later Life”. This symposium is the first of its kind specifically focusing on the impact of prenatal stress on programming brain function during later life with a particular emphasison brain development and ageing. At the symposium, the latest research results and future strategies in this field will be discussed by leading experts - see list of invited speakers below.

The scientific programme reflects the multidisciplinary character of basic, clinical, and programmatic research in this exciting field. This international gathering offers a remarkable opportunity for sharing knowledge, new findings and best practices to accelerate research advances. It will allow a better insight into the impact of prenatal stress for health and disease in our ageing population that will ultimately enable implementation of interventional strategies. The venue for the Symposium is the Seehotel Zeuthen situated in a lovely lake landscape on the southern outskirts of Berlin.


Invited speakers
Bea van den Bergh, Tilburg, The Netherlands
Katharina Braun, Magdeburg, Germany
Thorsten Braun, Berlin, Germany
Sonja Entringer, Berlin, Germany
Dirk Hoyer, Jena, Germany
Suzanne King, Montreal, Canada
Stephen Matthews, Toronto, Canada
Gerlinde Metz, Lethbridge, Canada
Peter Nathanielsz, Laramie, WY, USA
Carmine Pariante, London, UK
Katri Räikkönen, Helsinki, Finland
Johannes Reul, Bristol, UK
Tessa Roseboom, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Sven Rupprecht, Jena, Germany
Matthias Schwab, Jena, Germany
Jonathan Seckl, Edinburgh, UK
Dick Swaab, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Moshe Szyf, Montreal, Canada


Supplementing the symposium is a Summer School. Here advanced bachelor, master and PhD students of medicine, psychology, biology, epidemiology and related disciplines will have an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills for basic, animal, and clinical research in the field. The summer school will take place at the University Hospital in Jena, a town with a unique combination of a beautiful setting, strong cultural and philosophical traditions, high-tech industry and world-renowned research institutions.







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