Matthias Schwab, MD

Matthias Schwab is a trained pathophysiologist and neurologist. He is a senior member of the Department of Neurology and Head of the Research Group 'Fetal Brain Development and Programming of Diseases in Later Life' for more than 15y and strongly committed to the link between human development and ageing. His focus is on fetal brain development and the programming of brain-related disorders with a strong emphasis on stress effects and inflammation. He represents one of the first scientist who dealt with effects of prenatal glucocorticoid exposure on the brain using large animal models. He has a long-standing and successful cooperation with many partners in Europe and worldwide which have resulted in many joint publications. Prof. Schwab is head of the interdisciplinary sleep research unit with focus on autonomous and vascular dysregulation during prenatal development of sleep and during ageing. He has developed innovative nonlinear methods of EEG analysis.



Project Coordinator
Matthias Schwab, MD
Department of Neurology
Jena University Hospital
Erlanger Allee 101
07747 Jena
Phone: ++49 3641 9 323 486