Jan Tuckermann, PhD

Jan Tuckermann and his group’s aim is the deeper understanding of the action of GCs via their nuclear receptor (GR) in age-related processes. They use a combinatorial approach employing functional characterization of mouse strains conditionally mutated both in the GR and selected target genes in disease models, together with the development of functional screening tools for relevant cell types in age-related disorders. Here the goal is to decipher new mechanisms and to identify new mediators of therapeutic and side effects of GCs. Thus, by understanding GC-mediated effects in organs and tissues, knowledge about about degenerative processes during ageing can be acquired.



Prof. Jan Tuckermann, PhD
Director of the Institute for General Zoology and Endocrinology
University of Ulm

Helmholtzstr. 8/1

89081 Ulm
Phone: ++49 731 50 32600


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