Determination of BrainAge

Each one of us has experienced that perceived (biological) age may notably differ from the numerical age even when features related to ageing such as wrinkles, gray hair or lip height are not accounted for. The same applies for cognitive function or brain atrophy even in the absence of disease. Apart from the question as to why the appearance of ageing is so varied, the foremost issue that concerns us is how to measure brain age. BRAINAGE is a consortium that brings European expertise together to determine biological brain age at a structural, functional and metabolic level. 


In order to determine the effect of major prenatal stress on brain development and brain ageing, the project aims to develop structural and functional indicators and metabolic, genetic and immune markers of brain ageing. The project employs innovative and standardized techniques (MR morphology, neuropsychology, neurophysiological parameters, blood markers) to measure biological brain age. We identify these indicators and markers in rodents and use non-human primates to translate the use of these markers for the human situation. This will allow us to identify human beings at risk.


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